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Understand your problem

We have a fundamental belief that all of our products must solve a meaningful problem. We’re constantly searching for the problems—and potential problems—that consumers encounter every day. It starts with an insight, whether it’s from our research panel, a response on social media, or a comment from a friend; we keep our eyes and ears open. We tirelessly send out surveys, conduct focus groups, and watch how you use a product at home, in the office or even on the train (sorry if that sounds creepy). We put in a lot of time during the research phase to ensure our designers have the information needed to get to the root of the problem. Our first insight was, "I wish I had a mug that didn’t leak or spill".

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Design the solution

When not sampling the latest office cold brew batch, our designers are problem solvers that express solutions through sketching. Consumers want products that are intuitive. Around the office we have a motto: Simple is Hard. We get there by looking at research, sketching, debating and resketching until we design the best solution for you. Our designers’ work isn’t done when the design process is over, it just starts the “play nice” time with the engineers.

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Engineer the solution

If you think you pay attention to the details, just wait until you meet our engineers. Before the design phase is completed, our engineers enter the picture and start “collaborating” (PC term for corporate fighting). They work together to make sure the quality of the form and function can live up to our ambitious standards. Do you ever think about the force required to push the AUTOSEAL button? Our engineers do. They not only think about it, they debate and test it with our designers. Does the action feel natural? Is it simple? Is there too much force required? These details are what give our engineers a feeling that their afternoon caffeine pick-me-up can’t.

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test and deliver the solution

Before your mug is made, the product goes through our version of a physical exam. We take it through rigorous testing to confirm performance and quality assurance. We drop it, shake it, throw it, and put it through use cycles. It’s a great stress reliever. And then you have it, the final spill-proof mug is made and is ready for you to enjoy

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